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Animal Emergency Hospital

The Animal Emergency Hospital is closed.



We provide emergency and critical care for dogs and cats. Our in-house laboratory testing and x-ray facilities, mean that we can have results while you wait.  When indicated for the survival of the patient, we can perform blood transfusions or emergency surgery.  We routinely treat allergic reactions, cardio-vascular shock, trauma (hit by car, etc), venomous snake bites, toxic ingestions, heat stroke, respiratory distress, parvo, vomiting, diarrhea, assist in labor and delivery, repair lacerations, and otherwise provide care in critical situations.

For critically ill patients, we can provide i.v. fluid therapy and monitoring, i.v. and urinary catheter maintenence, seizure watch, oxygen therapy, or intensive care in isolation. Area veterinarians transfer patients to us for overnight treatments and observation when patients are not stable.  We transfer patients back to their family veterinarians during normal business hours.

We do NOT provide routine preventitive care such as vaccinations, spays, neuters, heartworm preventitive, flea and tick control, or dental procedures.  These aspects of health care are best provided by family veterinarians that have an ongoing long term relationship with you and your pet. 

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